Cristiane Lima
CP 2598

Clinical Director by the Order of the Medical Veterinarians.

• Graduated in 1998 by the College of Veterinary Medicine of University of São Paulo, Brazil.
• Veterinary of the Rehabilitation Center of Wild Animals of Associação Mata Ciliar from December 1998 to August 1999 in Jundiaí, São Paulo.
• Veterinary of the Clinica Castelo in S. Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo - Brazil, responsible for physician-surgical attendance of small and wild animals from August 1999 to August 2000.
• Veterinary of the PuppyShop medical office in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo - Brazil, from June 1999 to August 2000.
• Enrolled in the Order of the Veterinarians of Portugal in 2000.
• Veterinary for the Monvet Clinic in Coimbra from 2000 through to 2003.
• Veterinary for Centro do Cedro para Animais, animal shelter and rescue, since 2003 as volunteer.
• Scientific activity in Portugal:
• Delivered the presentation for communication relating to "Evaluation of Levels Plasmatic Ammonia in Dogs with Hepatopathy" in 9th FECAVA CONGRESS & 12th AMPVEAC NATIONAL CONGRESS, carried through at Estoril/ Portugal in May of 2003.
• Prepared for display the presentation of the poster "Low-cost neutering: easy way you improve the welfare of abandoned cats and dogs” at the International Conference of Conservation and Animal Welfare held in Lisbon during the month of May 2006.
• Post-graduation in Small Animal Imagiology, by Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal in 2008.
• Lectured the "Low invasive neutering techniques" and "Special considerations for feral cats" in Workshop on "Management techniques of Feral Cats Colonies," held on 24 July 2009 in the Environmental Education Center of Águas do Douro e Paiva in Vila Nova de Gaia and organized by WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) and Kismet Account.
• Training in small animal surgery in April 2011, with focus on pre-pub spay and neutering at Planned Pethood Plus animal hospital, Denver USA.
• Post-graduation in Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery and Neurosurgery, by Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal in 2013.
• Lectured the “Portugal, dogs, cats and Lemonade” at the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference in Barcelona, 2013.
• President and co-founder of ARPA Humanitarian Association to Reduce Pets Overpopulation and Abandonement.


Vanessa Fernandes
CP 18722

• Graduate in Psychotherapy and Psychology Clinic at the Instituto Superior Miguel Torga in Coimbra, 2012.
• Internship in ADFP Foundation at the Children's Emergency Center in Miranda do Corvo, 2012.
• Order internship Order of Psychologists in Miranda Group of Schools of Corvo, 2014.
• Participation in the "First International Conference Animal Assisted Intervention" - House of Stories Paula Rego in Cascais, 2015.
• Participation in the "Workshop with Dr. Aubrey Fine: Assisted Intervention by Animals" in Sintra, 2015.
• Participation in the Intensive Training and Wellness in Dogs in Porto, 2015.
• Pos- Graduation in Assisted Therapies by Dogs and Horses 2016-2017.
• Canine Education Workshops Realization under the project Dogs 360 as volunteer of the Association for Population Reduction and Abandonment of Dogs and Cats (ARPA).